McFarlane reveals The Walking Dead TV Series 7

Neither series 6 nor the next season of The Walking Dead have been released, yet McFarlane Toys gives us a look at the concepts behind their 7th installment of the uber popular TWD tv series figures. Featuring updated looks at Michonne and Carl and new entries like Terminus’ Gareth and, my personal fav from this line, the Mud Zombie from last season’s “Too Far Gone” episode. You can even break the Mud Zombie in half and have his upper torso coming out of the mud. Very nice touch guys. Series 7 is scheduled to ship in March of next year, which you can pre-order now. And here is our review of the first releases of Michonne and Carl. via

McFarlane Toys has a 10-inch Rick has taken a closer look at McFarlane Toys’ upcoming The Walking Dead 10” Rick Grimes Statue. Although it’s not really a statue. A statue has no articulated parts where as the first figure in this line, the super awesome 10” Daryl Dixon figure, was quite articulated. Granted he only looked good in one pose but that’s what MFT does best. says this figure is a spot-on likeness of good ol’ RG and they are right. This figure looks boss as is and I’m really hoping it doesn’t lose any details during production. I can’t wait to add this guy to my TWD shelf. I’d be willing to bet MFT finally gives us a 10” zombie next time out, but we’ll just have to wait and see. You can pre-order your own 10” Rick here; check out my review of the 10” Daryl Dixon here and read’s article here. via

The Avenger’s Age of Ultron The Vision design has leaked

The Vision has always been one of my favorite Marvel characters and the fact that he’s not only IN the second Avengers film but that he’s also played by one of my favorite actors, Paul Bettany, is absolutely amazing. While details have been scarce on his character and design as of late, it looks as if this leak is legit and this is how he’ll be appearing in next year’s Age of Ultron. I’m very happy that the design is just modernizing the classic green, red and yellow outfit and I don’t even miss the collar all that much. I can’t wait for the inevitable Hot Toys version of this character. via